Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing: Which is better?

By: Mukesh Singh

Traditional marketing encompasses marketing methods that are not dependent on the internet; digital marketing is a marketing tactic that involves the use of the internet. The only key difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing is that of the internet. In both of these methods, the intent is still the same; to attract your target […]

Google Ads – Your Go-To Online Advertising Passage

By: Mukesh Singh

Online advertising is nothing but traditional advertising on online platforms. The aim here is still the same; to attract your target audience towards your brand. Just that the means have changed a little bit. But why opt for online advertising at all when the traditional methods haven’t completely died down? Here’s why – It’s relatively […]

The SEO Fuel

By: Mukesh Singh

The SEO Fuel It’s a world of competition today. The internet just makes it a wider world. In this era, if you have put in the hard work to come up with an idea, drawn a business plan, managed to gather the resources and actually implemented it, you should stop right now and pat yourself […]

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