The SEO Fuel


The SEO Fuel

It’s a world of competition today. The internet just makes it a wider world. In this era, if you have put in the hard work to come up with an idea, drawn a business plan, managed to gather the resources and actually implemented it, you should stop right now and pat yourself on the back.
You started your own start-up and that’s amazing!

However, today, we know that that’s not enough to get your business going. Every business has to get a certain amount of internet exposure and if you don’t allow that to happen, you are bound to be left behind. And we understand that it is difficult to focus on harnessing your business and at the same time, ensuring that it reaches the world. But what’s the point of a business idea that doesn’t even reach the people it was made for, right?

This is where marketing comes into the picture. Marketing is the passage through which you people can learn about your business.


The internet has only expanded the world; there are no boundaries to it now. And as exciting as it can be, this limitless, digital platform may often seem confusing to a lot of entrepreneurs who are trying to navigate their way through it. Here are a few tips that might come in handy to the brilliant innovators who want to leverage marketing to grow their business to sky rocketing limits- 

1. Define, divide and conquer: The ultimate goal of your business may be to become a leading name in your industry, however long-term goals often need to be broken down into shorter, more foreseeable objectives that look achievable. Define your business growth goals. When you define your short-term objectives i.e., divide your long-term goals into shorter objectives, you create a direction for yourself and that in itself is the first step to paving a definite path. Just give a name and timeline to each goal and you are good to go. 

2. Where does the path lead you to?: Once you have defined goals, see where those goals lead you to; identify the people that can help you reach closer to the goal. Understanding who your target audience is saves a lot of your efforts and resources because then you are not showcasing your brand in front of people who might not even care about it.

3. Your Website is your face: Okay so everyone is telling you to use the internet for marketing but no one is telling you exactly HOW to do that. One of the most effective ways would be to have a website of your own. Your website is your identification on the internet. And for small businesses, websites can be game changers. This is because, just like with everything else today, your target audience might look you up on the internet before actually visiting your place of business. And as we all know, first impressions are last impressions, right? Make it a good one.

4. Focus on only those things for which you can spare your time: There are a million big and small marketing tactics that one can use. However, it is impossible to employ all of them because an organization can have only so many employees with a limited number of skill sets. And if you are like most start-ups then you are short-staffed and most people in your employment wear many hats. So, to think that they would be able to provide you with the time and expertise required to lay down certain tactics would be impractical.

5. BE CONSISTENT!!: Consistency is the key. Choose whatever way suits you, but you gotta stick to it and keep at it. You cannot just put in efforts once or twice and expect results because that is not how marketing works. Set out a certain time of your day, week, month, quarter or whatever and dedicate it to implementing the tactics that you have chosen to adopt.


Speaking of a website being your identification on the internet, how will you ensure that people reach your website? We mean, your website may be fabulous and sophisticated, but people must reach to your website to appreciate it, right?

This is where SEO steps in.

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is a tool that is used to drive a targeted, organic search traffic that is relevant to your industry by embedding keywords in the fine prints of a website so that your website’s visibility is increased. SEOs have been known to fetch very high ROIs when applied effectively. 

SEO obviously helps divert your relevant search traffic to your website. But successful SEO implementation doesn’t end there. Successful SEO is not just about getting people to site with blogging and content marketing, it’s about getting them to take the desired action once they are there. You can ensure this by either learning SEO yourself or outsourcing this work to digital marketing professionals and then relax. The advantage of outsourcing your SEO and website development needs is that you don’t have to take the pain to understand every strand of marketing to inculcate these very significant features to your website, you can leave it to us. We promise to deliver to you content that will pull relevant traffic to your website and help your business grow beyond imagination.

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