Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing: Which is better?

Traditional marketing encompasses marketing methods that are not dependent on the internet; digital marketing is a marketing tactic that involves the use of the internet. The only key difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing is that of the internet. In both of these methods, the intent is still the same; to attract your target audience towards your brand.

Traditional marketing can be undertaken through various offline channels that are not dependent on the internet for their functioning. For example, putting up TV advertisements or distributing pamphlets. Traditional marketing methods are, very rapidly, becoming a thing of the past. As the world has evolved, so has marketing.

With a current worldwide estimated population of 7.8 billion, approximately 4.93 billion people have access to and use the internet frequently. That means that 63.2% of the world population uses the internet. So, if the maximum (or in most cases, all) of your target audience is on the internet, it only makes sense to advertise on the internet.

But the usage of the internet cannot be the only point of difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing right? Absolutely right

There are a lot of differences when it comes to a comparison between these two methods and in most cases, digital marketing has an upper hand –

  1. The most obvious difference, besides the usage of the internet, is the reach. Where traditional marketing methods can only reach a specified local boundary, digital marketing is limitless. With digital marketing, you can reach any corner of the world very easily.
  2. Conversions have proven to be faster in case of digital marketing. We mean, an advertisement on a pamphlet that you will probably throw away (or make an airplane out of) versus an attractive picture that piques your interest and pops in every now and then as you scroll down your Instagram or Facebook or look through videos on Youtube, which is going to leave a larger impact?
    Let’s just say that’s a rhetorical question and leave it at that :
  3. In this era where everything is ever-evolving and fluid, keeping track of everything becomes super important. Tracking your marketing strategy’s success or failure is crucial because only when you know the status of your strategy’s progress can you introduce tweaks to it to ensure that it’s on the right track.
  4. While TV advertisements often go unnoticed, online advertisements can immensely increase your target audience’s engagement with it as digital marketing can be very interactive. This gets your desired audience hooked onto your brand.
  5. Talking about target audiences, in traditional marketing methods, narrowing down your target audience and then aiming your marketing efforts towards them is much easier in digital marketing as against traditional marketing.
  6. Return on Investment (ROI) on your marketing efforts, physical as well as financial, are definitely more when it comes to digital marketing. This is the result of the fact that digital marketing efforts can be tracked and tweaked as per the dynamic environment and can be targeted towards audiences that are bound to respond to it, ensuring that resources put in it are utilized at its best.
  7. Where the results of traditional marketing can be known only after a specified period of time has passed, the outcome of digital marketing is available spontaneously, again making it easier to work with in a fluid environment.

Needless to say, digital marketing is the future of marketing and no business can grow today without using digital marketing tools. However, the competition is fierce and you need the best players in your bag. You can depend on My Social Media Marketing to meet all your digital marketing needs. We are a bunch of super enthusiastic people who possess knowledge of how the digital world works and are here to navigate you through it so that you can only focus on harnessing your brand.

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