Growing your brand the
digital way!


Assessing your marketing performance with our flexible approach. Expert solutions and operational strategies to fix the presence of your brand on social media. Data driven and insightful audit for long term results.

Individual approach

Unique and distinctive strategies for each brand. Well defined and clear plans for your discrete requirements. Individual propositions and comprehensive approach for brand growth and expansion.

Market research

Making your brand stand out from the crowd. In depth market research to analyse your niche and out of the box ways to help you secure a leading place in the market. Maintaining a market position for your brand,

With curation and marketing experience in the digital world, we have worked for over 100+ brands from various streams and niches. From lifestyle brands to entrepreneurs, from large firms to small businesses- we’ve done it all! Building and maintaining the online presence of various personalities have also been in our work portfolio. 


Happy Customers

100 +

Likes, Follows & Accounts Reached


Pricing Plans

Carefully curated by our team, we intend to make your social media platforms the best in your industries! We work closely with the client to determine the best strategies that would help take your brand to the next level, and then create a plan to execute the ideas. Only with your seal of approval, our team publishes content on each platform as per the drafted plan.

  • Team calls for discussion & brainstorming
  • Multi-faceted problem solving
  •   Ads & promotion consultations
  • A responsive team that wants your brand to grow, just like you!


  • 15 Posts/month
  • 2 Stories/day
  • IG + FB Ads Service
  • 4 Reels/month
  • Curation & Design Inclusive
  • Hashtag Strategy
  • Engaging Content
  • Page Growth

Premium PLUS

  • 18 Posts/month
  • 4 Stories/day
  • IG + FB Ads Service
  • 8 Reels/month
  • Curation & Design Inclusive
  • Hashtag Strategy
  • Engaging Content
  • Page Growth


I wanted to establish

“I wanted to establish my brand on social media and thus hired MSMM for the same. From branding to building a set of audience- they did it all. They are experienced and their professionalism shows through their work. Moreover, the fact that they maintain good relations with their client make me glad of the decision of making them a part of my team.”

I started off my business

“I started off my business with a limited capital and thus approached MSMM for their consultation services. Their strategies are well-crafted and helped me take my business to the next level. Really glad to have chosen them to be a part of my digital marketing team.”

Realizing the importance

“ Realizing the importance of graphic appeal in today’s times, we wanted to hire a team of designers who would help us create stunning visuals for our website, social media as well as advertisements. The team of designers at MSMM is extremely talented. Would recommend their services to others.”

After the lockdown

“After the lockdown coming into effect, social media was the only hope for our business. We had only 150 followers back then. No organic engagement too. It was then when we decided to bring MSMM on board and now we have a follower base of over 5,000 on Instagram. The audience engagement has also been better than ever.”

Working and travelling

“Working and travelling across the globe did not leave me with enough time to grow my interior designing business on social media. I came across MSMM and decided to give it a go with them. Since then, they have been the only social media marketing team working with us. Organized, committed and dedicated to their work- I couldn’t have had a better team”

A financial advising

“A financial advising company like mine had tough time looking for the exact people interested in our services. Thanks to MSMM, hiring them for my website development and PPC services, I was able to strain out the audience who were actually interested in my business.”

I have hired

“I have hired other social media teams before but making MSMM a part of my digital marketing team was the best decision ever. The fact that they treat your brand as their own is the best part about them. Dedication and working mannerism of the entire team is impressive.”

Struggling to grow

“Struggling to grow my website since a long time, I decided to avail the SEO services by MSMM. My sales have increased and the website generates 70% more traffic than before. Totally recommended.”

A small business

“A small business owner like me would not go where to go unless a friend of mine recommended me to hire MSMM to scale up my social media. Through their social media marketing services, I was able to get orders from across the world and convert my small business into a legit brand! Little did I know that applying the correct marketing strategies on social media would be so fruitful.”

Being a start-up two years ago

“Being a start-up two years ago, I needed to establish a strong presence for my business on social media. I contacted MSMM for their social media marketing services and within a year, my sales almost doubled! Really satisfied with their services.”

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