About three years ago when social media was already a place for brands to thrive and influencers to grow, our founders decided to help brands scale their business using their existing marketing knowledge. Since then there was no turning back. A small team which started off with a motive to just help brands grow on social media is now a full fledged digital marketing agency which provides solutions to business in all spheres of the digital world.

Our team and the way we operate is what sets us apart from other digital marketing companies. Other than aiming at building a social presence, we also strive to create a platform that give results to build seamless customer experiences. We not only plan, but also develop data-driven strategies to power up businesses by channelizing digital means.

Consisting of young and enthusiastic minds, our team members are driven by passion and dedication towards the work we do which forms the basis of our growth over the years. Our clientele ranges from brands and businesses from various corners of the world- Dubai, Singapore, Spain, Kuwait, Qatar to name some.

Our vision is to emerge as a globally recognized company aimed at providing digital marketing solutions while building meaningful customer relationships using leading edge technologies.

Our client base consists of brands from various niches- interior designers, fitness enthusiasts, lifestyle brands, medical and healthcare, food and restaurants, fashion and finance to name a few.

With curation and marketing experience in the digital world, we have worked for over 100+ brands from various streams and niches. From lifestyle brands to entrepreneurs, from large firms to small businesses- we’ve done it all! Building and maintaining the online presence of various personalities has also been in our work portfolio.

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Pricing Plans

Carefully curated by our team, we intend to make your social media platforms the best in your industries! We work closely with the client to determine the best strategies that would help take your brand to the next level, and then create a plan to execute the ideas. Only with your seal of approval, our team publishes content on each platform as per the drafted plan.

  • Team calls for discussion & brainstorming
  • Multi-faceted problem solving
  •   Ads & promotion consultations
  • A responsive team that wants your brand to grow, just like you!


  • 15 Posts/month
  • 2 Stories/day
  • IG + FB Ads Service
  • 4 Reels
  • Curation & Design Inclusive
  • Hashtag Strategy
  • Engaging Content
  • Page Growth

Premium PLUS

  • 18 Posts/month
  • 4 Stories/day
  • IG + FB Ads Service
  • 8 Reels
  • Curation & Design Inclusive
  • Hashtag Strategy
  • Engaging Content
  • Page Growth

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